linknet Phone service

More free features such as caller id, voice mail,call waiting, call forwarding, 3-ways calling;
*not include calls to higher rate special numbers and northwest terr,Alaska,virgin islands,hawail ;
over limited minutes rate $0.03/minute;

Personal digital home phone

  • 500 minutes call to Canada&US:$14.95/month
  • unlimited Canada&US : $24.95/month

business digital phone

  • 500 minutes call to Canada&US: $24.95/month;
  • unlimited Canada&US : $34.95/month

  • active fee: $29.95
  • e-911 fee extra , update the e-911 address as soon as you move the digital phone
  • change phone number $19.95
  • transfer phone number $29.95
  • phone ATA $59.95 phone
  • ATA rent fee $5/month with deposit $49.95
  • $5/month off when bundle with internet service
  • * e-911 does not work when no internet , or no power; prepare another type phone such as cellphone when the digital phone does not work

Internet and Phone service provider

Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the best Internet and Phone provider Company in Montreal.